Sweet Onion Jam

I’d post the recipe here, but Jay made this Onion Jam 100% on his own, and even when given a recipe, it is basically impossible for him to follow it. Jay is definitely a chef not a baker and though he understands the science behind pastry, he is very impatient and too creative to follow such specific guidelines unless absolutely necessary.

For this recipe he used about 5lbs of yellow onions, one packet of pectin and an unknown amount of balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Jay is really into the idea of canning, pickling, smoking, and curing stuff so this is just the beginning of Christmas gifts this year. We made smaller 4ounce jars, because he is hoping to give a few flavors instead of only one. When looking for a basic recipe we found out that onions don’t have a high pH, therefore need a lot of acid to be safe for canning, so these have a really good dose of balsamic vinegar, are very sweet & tangy. This Sweet Onion Jam will pair really well with steak, chicken, a cheese/meat/bread board, etc. I’d really like to add them to a grilled sandwich like a grilled cheese with havarti cheese and tomatoes!

Cleaning the baby jars
Chopping onions, he was crying after #3, these were strong!
still chopping....
almost there!
It is such a rich color, can't wait to taste it!
Packing the jam into jars

You can store your jam in the fridge for up to 3 weeks or freeze in an ice cube tray for an easy onion base in recipes.


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