El Conquistador Restaurant

El Conquistador Restaurant on Urbanspoon We’ve visited El Conquistador Restaurant on W. Waco Dr. 3 times! The first time Jay’s boss and his HR lead took us out to lunch. They told us this was one of the best Mexican Restaurants around, and boy were they right. I’ve had the Chicken Flautas, really tasty. My favorite thing is the Chicken Tortilla Soup. Now that I’ve tried it, I can never go back. I’m sure the rest of their food is delicious, but I couldn’t pass up the salty, cheesy, spicy, creamy combination of flavors that makes up this soup. Jay has tried the Chicken Quesadilla, Chicken Chimichangas and the Drunken Beans Soup. He enjoyed the chicken dishes but the Drunken Beans Soup is impossible to forget.


This Chicken Tortilla Soup is not like any Tortilla Soup you’ve ever had before. It is not yellow like queso-dip made with Velveeta cheese from other restaurants. I don’t want to name any names….(Max & Erma’s) but this is the best! It is definitely homemade chicken stock with an abundance of carefully selected spices and chicken all poured over some creamy white cheese. You also get a plate filled with avocado slices, pico de gallo, and crispy tortilla strips. You absolutely have to ask for a side of jalapeños and you have to use all the condiments it comes with. I was skeptical about fresh avocado slices in a hot bowl of soup, but it enhances the flavor of the avocados and the creamy texture cools down your palate from the spicy broth.

looks scary, tastes delicious!

Jay’s HR lead got this soup on our first visit and he was intrigued but afraid to try this huge, eclectic bowl. In his own words, he was put off by the idea of a hot bowl of soup on a 104˚ day. However, the soup is a great price, and extermely filling. The soup was probably chicken broth filled with pinto beans and topped with spanish rice. The ‘add-ins’ included a plate of jalapeños, onions, and cheese, and these made the dish extremely filling and less soup-like. Jay said he wanted to take a nap after this dish, but in the good after-Thanksgiving-Dinner way 🙂

Over-all we would give El Conquistador Restaurant a high rating and would recommend it to anyone in for a good Mexian/Tex-Mex Meal. Don’t skip this place!


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