The Olive Branch Bakery, Waco TX

Olive Branch Bakery & Cafe on UrbanspoonWe have visited almost everything in and around the Spice Village Markets. I have been dying to see what the Olive Branch Bakery is all about, but we usually miss them, as they close at 3p. We are happy to report that we finally visited this weekend and it is a really nice bakery. The front case is loaded with baked goods: oversized cookies and cupcakes (what you think of as a normal sized cupcake is called a mini cupcake here). They have fun flavors like a pink champagne cupcake, or a mexican vanilla cupcake. We couldn’t pass up the Key Lime Pie Cupcake. We took some funny pictures here, and that is the real reason I wanted to make this post, but don’t miss the fact that these are some fancy and delicious baked goods!

Key Lime Pie Cupcake

The cupcake is fluffy and moist and just slightly limey and pairs up to a super dense, thick, sweet and sticky, mountain of frosting on the top!

Please enjoy this little slideshow of us sharing a HUGE cupcake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Olive Branch also serves breakfast and tasty sandwiches, which we did not try but looked delicious!


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