Roasted Strawberry & Buttermilk Ice Cream

We’ve made it back to Columbus and moved into a new apartment. We are much happier with the set-up here. The most exciting thing should be that we have more than one room in this apartment and while that is super awesome, we are even more excited to have an oven! I jumped right in to making ice cream the day after we got back because I was so excited to make some ice cream for my parents. Strawberry Ice Cream sounded amazing, and I was even more excited when Jay and I got the most beautiful strawberries at whole foods. This ice cream is thick, creamy, and sweet with just a hint of tartness from some lemon juice. Enjoy!

Roasted Strawberry & Buttermilk Ice Cream

For this recipe you will need:

Roasted Strawberries

1pint strawberries, cut into 1/2inch slices

1/3cup sugar

3T fresh lemon juice

Ice Cream Base

1 1/2cups whole milke

2T cornstarch

4T cream cheese, softened

1/8tsp sea salt

1 1/4cups heavy cream

2/3cup sugar

2T light corn syrup

1/4cup buttermilk


For Strawberries:

Preheat oven to 375˚.

Combine the 1pint sliced strawberries with 1/3cup sugar in a baking dish and roast for 8 minutes.

Let them cool off for a few minutes then puree the berries and lemon juice in a food processor.

Measure 1/2cup of puree for the ice cream. (The rest of the puree can be used as an ice cream topping or in a smoothie)

For the Ice Cream Base:

Mix 2T of the whole milk with 2T cornstarch, set aside.

Whisk 4T cream cheese with 1/8tsp salt, set aside.

Make an ice bath and prepare a ziplock bag.


Combine the remaining 1 1/2cups minus 2T whole milk, 1 1/4cups heavy cream, 2/3cup sugar, and 2T corn syrup in a pot and bring to a rolling boil over medium-high heat, boil for 4minutes.

Remove from the heat and slowly whisk in the cornstarch mixture.

Return to heat and cook until slightly thickened, less than 1minute.

Remove from heat.

Gradually whisk the hot milk into the cream cheese until smooth, then add the cream cheese to the pot to combine.

Add 1/2cup strawberry puree and 1/4cup buttermilk and whisk until smooth.


Pour the ice cream into a ziploc bag, chill in the ice bath for 30minutes.

Freeze in ice cream maker for about 20minutes.


Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the finished product, but it was really thick and froze very quickly. It stayed a nice pink color and lasted about 5 minutes after it came out of the ice cream maker. I will definitely be making this ice cream again! 🙂


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