Refurbished End Tables

Two really ugly end tables, $5 each. Yellow velvet embellishments. Winning?

Jay and I stumbled upon these two beauties at a garage sale. I think we scored pretty big at $5 each for these ugly things. The process of refinishing these end tables was long and miserable. Clean, disassemble, prime, sand, prime, paint, sand, paint, sand, clear coat, done! It was repetitive to say the least and we had a hard time deciding on how we wanted them to look. After several failed paint testers we decided to paint them black with blue embellishments. We covered the yellow velvet material with plain black cotton and replaced the dirty golden handles with new silver ones.

A version where we used a silver ceiling tile as the background.
Patiently Painting..
Before & After

P.S. we used an oil based primer because these tables aren’t solid wood, just laminated to look like wood. Also, latex paint and a durable, waterproof/scratch resistant/rust resistant clear topcoat.


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