Portland Day 4 + travel to a beach

Right now Jay is laying on the couch on the bottom level of our tugboat house. Today we enjoyed lots of laughs, good food, a gorgeous day on the beach and I’m enjoyed the sounds of the Columbia River with all of the windows open from the second floor of the tughouse.

We had a late brunch at Tasty n sons that was AMAZING! Tasty potatoes, sweet biscuts, French toast and a biscut bfast sandwich with fried chicken.!




Cannon beach – about 1.5 hours west of Portland

We drove through the wilderness – winding roads, about 1,600 ft elevation at the highest point and huge trees. Seriously I cannot believe how many and how enormous the trees are in and around Portland. We spent a good chunk of time taking Polaroids at the beach, watching dogs fetch driftwood in the waves and little kids frolic in the icy cold water. We walked up and down the streets near cannon beach enjoying touristy shops and some ice cream. Our ride back into Portland was not as nice we hit lots of traffic and were whiney that we had missed our designated nap hour!



We also had a late dinner at Beast which was amazing! They have family style seating and only two seatings per night. I’m to sleepy to explain all of the dishes but just know that Jay and I ranked this meal in the top few of all time.
Celery soup:

Charcuterie plate:


Beet salad:

Cheese plate:

Rhubarb Rosé soup:



Club Sandwich Waco, TX

Club Sandwich on Urbanspoon

We have tried to visit Club Sandwich in Waco 5 or 6 times, but we couldn’t really find it. We knew the basic area it should be in, but never saw a sign for it. By the time we passed it we were pretty close to the Spice Village area which contains a multitude of food options, so we just gave up. For those of you who aren’t sure where it is, It is in the same block as the Hoffman Banana Co. building. If you drive around to the other side, the sign by the parking lot entrance says Waco Community Outreach. It is inside the Community Outreach building, go in the first door under the orange banner that says Jakarta (Jakarta Mud Hut is a coffee shop that offers free soft drinks and coffee to local college students and also free wifi!). There is a little 8×11″ sign that reads CLUB SAND-WICH. They normally only serve during lunch and dinner, you can find info and what menu items they have on the Club Sandwich Facebook Page. Really easy to miss, but hard to forget! They offer very few menu items but you won’t be disappointed!

I got two Kalbi Jjim Tacos. It is a delicious taco, served on a flour tortilla with beef short ribs, cabbage, cilantro, onions, and a choice of lime-cilantro OR blackberry chipotle vinaigrette. I had both sauces and I like the lime cilantro best; it is sour and acidic and I like that paired with a taco.


Jay also tried the Chicken Bulgogi Taco, and liked it but we both preferred the beef!

We tried their Pho, which is a delicious noodle soup. The description sounds kind of scary because it is described as a cinnamon and anise infused beef broth, but the flavors a very subtle with a full beef background. The soup has thin beef slices and thin rice noodles. It was super delicious and filling.


Overall we’d give this place 5 stars, delicious, pretty inexpensive and friendly. We will definitely be back before we head home at the end of this month.