5-minute Spicy Salsa


Jay is obsessed with Mexican foods. Last week we grilled/charred some peppers for another Mexican dish and decided to char all of the jalapeños we had from the farmers market so we could freeze them and have delicious peppers all year long. Today’s delicious dish of fiery peppers is Jay’s guess-measuring blended salsa. It is his kind of “a little of this, a little of that” recipe but he let me watch and take notes on his approximate measurements. Because he used a whole, unseeded jalapeño that was charred (he removed the skin) it is really spicy! Maybe 1/2 a jalapeño next time… Enjoy!


Spicy 5-minute Salsa

1/4 yellow onion
1 clove garlic
8-10 grape/cherry tomatoes, we used yellow tomatoes.
2-3 whole vine ripe tomatoes (we used 2 yellow and 1 red tomato
1 whole jalapeño, seeds and all!
Juice of 1/2 a lime
A handful of fresh cilantro
Salt & pepper to taste

Pulse in blender or magic bullet until smooth (in two batches if in something as small as magic bullet).





Mexican Lasagna


Jay and I are officially Minnesota residents. A huge thanks to our parents for getting us here. Mom and Dad, the air mattress is a great addition to our spare room. Al and Susan, we are so amazed at your ability to squeeze the couch around the two corners at the top and bottom of the stairs. And most notably in my opinion, we still like each other after almost 5 days without television or internet besides our phones (although I will be very happy when the cable guy comes to hook us up on Monday!).

Our new home is a duplex we share with downstairs neighbors. It has much more space than our apartment in Columbus and a much larger kitchen! Not the most modern of kitchens but it is highly functional, and we are so very happy here.


Not surprisingly, the first room we unpacked was the kitchen. My friends at the Dispatch had a going away party for me last week, and our new boss made an amazing creation she called Mexican Lasagna. It is delicious. I’ve heard it called other names, and seen it with extras like enchilada sauce on the layers but I think her version is deliciously simple with a few changes. There aren’t many actual measurements here, so make as much or as little as you like.

We used:

White rice, cooked according to the package directions for 2 servings with the addition of a little diced onion in the cooking water. Also added salt, pepper, and chopped cilantro after cooking.

Whole wheat tortillas instead of white.

1 can black beans.

1 lb ground turkey instead of beef cooked with:

1 packet Ortega low sodium taco seasoning according to package directions.

Then layer as follows:











Serve with salsa and sour cream!