Pickled Peppers

Yes, I have mention before that Texans love Texas. And HEB makes Texas-shaped tortilla chips.

People ask us all the time what we will miss about Waco. Sometimes I think I should say that I will miss how overly friendly everyone is here, but frankly it kind of creeps me out. Everyone knows we sure won’t miss the heat (although Jay says he doesn’t mind it. I, having worked in it, strongly dislike the intensity of heat we experienced this summer). If you’ve read our blog it would make sense for us to say that we will miss food from Waco. While that is true, Waco doesn’t really have a specific food we can’t get at any restaurant at home. We can get Tacos Al Pastor that are actually better tasting to us from Los Gauchos Taqueria in Columbus (check out this review, it is perfect!). However, we will definitely miss the wide selection of Mexican ingredients as well as the awesome produce section at our grocery store. Having worked at the store for a short time, I’m happy to say that HEB is the greatest grocery store in the universe. Not only do they put their customers first (and everyone who works there is eerily friendly) but I know why their produce is so incredibly fresh: if you go into the produce cooler it is virtually empty. All the produce is shipped in daily, and what is on the floor and in the cases is all they have. You would be hard pressed to find a bad fruit or vegetable in that store.

SO, to preserve  a little bit of Waco, we decided to make some Pickled Jalapeños. The cool thing about this recipe, is that it is safe for canning ANY type of pepper, so if you want the intense heat of habañero, be our guest.

Pickled Peppers

Makes 4 pints

For this recipe you will need:

2lbs chili peppers, any variety, stemmed and sliced

3cups distilled white vinegar

2cups water

2T salt

2T sugar


Once you have stemmed and sliced your peppers (since we’re doing jalapeños we left ours in rings, seeds intact), pack them in to 4, clean, hot pint-sized jars. Leave 1/2inch of headspace.


Combine 3cups vinegar, 2cups water, 2T salt, and 2T sugar in a medium non-reactive pot and bring just to a boil. Pour the brine over the peppers leaving 1/4inch of headspace.


  1. Use a spatula or non-reactive utensil to release any trapped air from the jars.
  2. Put the lids on finger-tight.
  3. Boil in a covered pot with a canning rack for 15minutes with water 1inch above lids.
  4. Turn off the heat, remove the lid to the pot and let the jars sit for 5minutes.
  5. Remove the jars and set aside for 24hours, then check the seals.
  6. Store jars for up to 1year.

We haven’t tried our pickled peppers yet, but we are planning to this week when we have a family favorite, Seafood Nachos. Maybe I’ll post that recipe too, it’s cheap and easy but super delicious.

This recipe is from Put ‘em Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton, Storey Publishing, 2011.

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